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General Information

It is our endeavour to enable and give a pleasant experience of voting to electors with disabilities, at par with all electors.
Your impairment should not hold you back.Please come out and excerise your right to vote in the Assembly Election scheduled on Feburary 07, 2015.
Please register here to help us serve you better.
Instructions for Online Registration:
Step 1: Enter your Voter Id/EPIC No. and captcha code
Step 2: Prefilled Details will appear
Step 3: Check if these details pertain to you, if NOT, go back, and reenter your EPIC No.
Step 4: Select appropriate disability and facilities required
Step 5: A registration ID will be generated, proceed to print
Step 6: Print the receipt, and bring it with you on polling day
Note: This registration does not confer you any legal rights. Furnishing of false information will lead to legal action.
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