Delhi Assembly Election-2013 दिल्ली विधानसभा चुनाव-2013

Reports & Statistics रिपोर्ट और सांख्यिकी

1. Candidates Election Expenditure Abstract Statement
2. Consolidated list of Nominations received
3 Validly Nominated candidates(Form-4)
4 Withdrawal of candidature
5 List Of women contesting candidates
6 List of contesting candidates (Form-7A) of 70 Assembly Constituencies.
7 Distt-AC-wise Final Voter Turnout (male-female).
8 Final Result Sheet (Form 20)
9. AC-wise votes polled against candidates, NOTA,Postal Ballots,Tender etc (Form - 21E).
10. AC-wise details of the winning candidates and margin of win and Runner-up candidates as per Genesys report.
11. Party-wise tally of the winning candidates as per Genesys report.
12. Votes polled against NOTA-AC-wise.
13. RESULT Of Assembly Election 2013 Of NCT Of Delhi
15. Established Paid News Cases-Delhi Assembly Election 2013
16. NOMINATIONS SUMMARY-Delhi Assembly Election 2013
17. List Of Contesting Candidates-Delhi Assembly Election 2013
18. List Of Star Campaigners-General Elections To The Legislative Assembly 2013
19. Statistical Report

1. Nomination Paper (Form-2B)

2. Affidavit (Form-26) (Revised by ECI vide letter dated 24.8.2012)

3. Instructions of the Commission with respect to use of Social Media in Election Campaigning

4. Form for Candidates Set up by Political Party  Form A   Form B

5. Form of Oath or Affirmation

6. Latest ECI Instruction dated 30.9.2013 alongwith checklist for nomination

7. Handbook for Candidates (Updated 2009) 

Returning Officers (Delhi Assembly Election - 2013)