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Delhi Assembly Election-2015 दिल्ली विधानसभा चुनाव-2015

Delhi Assembly Election-2015 दिल्ली विधानसभा चुनाव-2015

  • Prevention of defacement of properties English / Hindi
  • Restriction on printing of pamphlets / posters. English / Hindi
  • Notification of Delhi Election English / Hindi
  • Notification of Returning Officers (ROs).English / Hindi
  • Single Window System for issuance of permissions during Election Period English / Hindi
  • Regarding Model code of conduct & Election control Rooms English / Hindi
  • Public Notice by Delhi Police on Objectionable Messages (SMSs) English / Hindi
  • Notification regarding Dry-Day form 05-02-2015(6:00PM) to 07-02-2015(6:00PM) and 10-02-2015(Full Day) English / Hindi
  • Prohibition on display of any election matter or holding public meeting before 48 hours of poll English / Hindi
  • Photo identity document to be produced by electors at the polling station before casting vote and list of alternate documents English / Hindi
  • Ban on exit polls and opinion polls/other poll survey English / Hindi
  • Voters with disability English / Hindi
  • Paid Holiday on 07.02.2015-Saturday English / Hindi
  • Regarding NOTA (None Of The Above) Option English / Hindi
  • Voters on Election Duty who have not yet returned their Postal Ballot to the Returning Officer English / Hindi