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General Information

ATTENTION: Serving/Retired Employees of Government/Semi-Government Departments/Organizations and Local Bodies

An opportunity for Serving/Retired Govt. Employees to serve the nation during leisure time.

Who is BLO and what are his duties and responsibilities?
Booth Level Officer (BLO) is a Government/Semi Government/PSU/Local body Official, familiar with the local electors and is residing in the same polling area. The BLO is a representative of Election Commission of India at the polling station area level. He /She plays a pivotal role in maintaining an error-free and updated electoral roll by collecting actual field information of the polling area (comprising about 1500-1600 voters) assigned to him/her. The BLOs are appointed under Section 13B(2) of Representation of People Act 1950 by the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO)after obtaining approval of the District Election Officer (DEO). BLOs are only be part time workers for election duty during their off-duty hours or on holidays/vacations.
 The applicant volunteering to work as BLO should be:
1. A local resident and voter of the particular booth (polling station area) to which he/she intends to serve as BLO.
2. A serving employee of Group ‘C’ or ‘B (non-gazetted) level of a Govt. Department/Govt. undertaking/local body. Group ‘A’ and ‘B’ (gazette) level officers may also apply.
3. Not having any political affiliation.
4. Able to communicate through SMS e-mail etc. Retired Govt. servants can also be considered for appointment as BLO if serving government servants are not available within that polling area. Employees associated with security services, essential services, and public utilities, etc need not apply. Personnel already working as BLO in NCT of Delhi should not apply again.
1. Fixed component is Rs. 12,000/- per annum for those BLOs who have only one part (polling station) assigned to them.
2. They shall be provided with a Kit bag inscribed with ECI logo, a BLO’s register in prescribed format copy of Electoral Roll on relevant part.
3. BLOs photo identity card and adequate stationery and requisite forms.
Duties and responsibilities:
1. Assisting eligible electors.
2. Providing different forms for addition, deletion and correction of Electoral Roll entries.
3. Conducting field verification of forms and submitting his/her report to the ERO/AERO alongwith the form.
4. Interacting with the local people, BLAs of political parties etc. and identification of expired/shifted/duplicate voters for removal for the Electoral Roll after due process of law.
5. Distribution of voters slip.
6. Any other work pertaining to Electoral Roll assigned by the ERO/AERO.
7. To attend training for discharge of their duties imparted by the election authorities.
How to Apply:
Interested, eligible persons are requested to apply online at this office website Alternatively, the application form can be downloaded from the said website and the duly filed up application sent by post/submitted in person to the Voter Centre of the Assembly Constituency in which the applicant intends to serve as BLO. The list of Voter Centres is available at our website For any query/assistance the applicants may contact ERO/AERO at Voter Centre or Sh. Neeraj Dhawan, Election Officer (Admn.), Room NO. 22, CEO Office, Kashmere Gate, Ph NO. 011-23965176. The applications should be submitted by___________________________.

Elector's Photo Identity Card Number (EPIC)